Welcome to Rotary Links!

Who are we? RotaryLinks Golf @ Wood Buffalo is a not for profit community project, established by the Rotary Club of Fort McMurray. We focus on providing a venue for recreational and social interaction in the Wood Buffalo Region that exceeds the expectations of all our guests.

Our Mission is continuous regional growth measured not only by our financial successes but in our ability to build goodwill and friendships that benefit all of Wood Buffalo.

How do we do this? We put our customers and community first. With a customer-centred approach that starts from the top down, we provide all our guests with a customer experience that is second to none. We pay-it-forward to our community with proceeds providing funding for additional community projects.


Rotary links

  • 9 trous
  • Normale 36
  • 3665 verge
SSS 100 105 111 109 120
SLOP 32.2 34.5 34.8 36.0 37.1
Prix moyens
42,00 $
Fin de semaine
42,00 $



Rotary Links

3000 Snow Eagle Dr
Fort McMurray, Alberta, T9H 0J7, Canada
☎ (780) 743-9377

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