Land-O-Lakes is an 18 hole golf course spread out over hundreds of acres of land. As a player, test your accuracy as each hole offers a truly unique experience and challenge for each skill level.

The course is surrounded by greenland and includes oversized trees, large rolling hills, water ponds and strategically placed bunkers providing ample opportunities to challenge the needs of each golfer.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable golf venture and a friendly prosperous setting offered to all players from the moment you enter the private grounds. Land-O-Lakes will challenge you while providing a relaxing, picturesque backdrop of lush greenery.

After a fulfilling and eventful game of golf end the day by relaxing in our clubhouse. Offering a full range of food and beverage it is the perfect way to conclude the day.

Prix moyens
40,00 $
Fin de semaine
48,00 $



Land-O-Lakes Golf & Country Club

102 Fairway Dr
Coaldale, Alberta, T1M 1H1, Canada
☎ (403) 345-2200

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