18 hole Championship Golf Club

Beautifully located in the Highland Heart of Nova Scotia, the Antigonish Golf & Country Club is rich in heritage, including a kilted golf tournament held in conjunction with the world famous Antigonish Highland Games. All players in "The Kilted" must wear a tartan kilt. Of course, many of the players are not of Scottish lineage and so borrow some heritage for the day, wearing a loaned or rented kilt of an adopted family name.

The Antigonish Golf & Country Club is a private golf course which offers a highland welcome to green fee players with the Gaelic expression Ciad Mille Failte - "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes". The AGCC features a par 72 course measuring 6640 yards from the black tees with a slope rating of 136.


Antigonish Golf & Country Club

  • 18 trous
  • Normale 72
  • 6640 verges
SSS 72.4 70.3 68.2 66.0 75.1 73.5 70.0
SLOP 136 131 125 119 132 130 117
Prix moyens
50,00 $
Fin de semaine
50,00 $



Antigonish Golf Club

87 Cloverville Road
Antigonish, Nova Scotia, B2G 2L7, Canada
☎ (902) 863-4797


Just 1 minute from downtown antigonish off of College Street

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