Mickelson National Golf Club

Escape to the freedom of wide-open spaces. The western horizon only interrupted by iconic prairie vistas and wild horses on a path to snow-capped peaks. This is a golf course framed by rolling foothills with a raw natural aesthetic. This is Mickelson National Golf Club – proudly in harmony with nature, designed to push the frontier of golf as we know it.

Mickelson National naturally invites camaraderie and playful fellowship. Its brilliant routing, water features and elevation provides both challenge and amusement. If you were a bronc-rider, you would describe this golf course as unbridled, an adventure made for thrill-seekers. With course architecture focused on creative shot-making, multi-option tee complexes and warm western hospitality, this unique use of land, shaping 18-holes amongst memorable and majestic landscapes, is an experience not to be missed.


Mickelson National Golf Club

  • 18 holes
  • Par 0
  • 0 yards
SSS 69.0 73.3 76.2 70.2 72.3 73.9 76.4
SLOP 119 128 134 126 135 139 144



Mickelson National Golf Club

34122 East Harmony Trail
Rocky View County, Alberta, T3Z 0G8, Canada
☎ (403) 620-0086

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