Cole Challenge - Please add both Players names

June 22, 2020, 09:00 AM — 10:00 PM
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Coles Challenge Rules

Match Play - Net Best Ball

In each match the lowest of the four handicaps receives no strokes.

Remaining three players receive the differential to the lowest handicap and take strokes on the appropriate ranked holes.

Maximum handicap differential on a team is 8 strokes.

On a team with more than a 8 stroke differential the higher handicap player must play to the lower players handicap plus 8 strokes.

If tied after 18 holes sudden death extra holes are to be played starting on hole #1 with the same applicable handicap strokes.

Please play round 1 matches by 2-August

Please play round 2 matches by 23-August

Please play round 3 matches by 13-September

Please play round 4 matches by 30-September

Any matches not played by the required date will be decided by coin flip.    

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Coles Challenge

When and where

June 22, 2020
68 William Bell Dr, Hampton, New Brunswick, E5N 6B3
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