Eagle Ridge Golf Course 

We appreciate that every golfer is different. What you want from your game, when you play and why you play are as individual as you are. At Eagle Ridge Golf Course, we pride ourselves on catering for all types of golfing preferences.

Whether you play weekly and working on that single figure handicap or today is your first game, Eagle Ridge Golf Course caters for all golfers. 


Eagle Ridge Golf Course

  • 18 trous
  • Normale 72
  • 6043 verge
SSS 132 137 131 135
SLOP 74.0 73.0 71.0 75.0
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Eagle Ridge Golf Course

215 Browns Rd
Boneo, Victoria, 3939, Australia
☎ +61 3 5988 2500


Parking is available onsite. Turn right at the entrance round about.

Room is also available for Coaches with overflow parking available if needed.

If coming from the Mornington Peninsula Freeway - continue until right until the end of the freeway, go through the first round about, then left at the next and then right at the final round about.


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